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Vanadium corrosion inhibitor

English name: Magnesium-base organic compound

Vanadium corrosion inhibitor is an oil soluble organometallic magnesium-based fuel additive, and can prevent the high temperature corrosion in gas turbines caused by vanadium and sodium. The product is applicable in the heavy, slag and crude fuel oil used in gas turbine of power plants. It has good oil solubility, and is able to mix with fuel oils at different ratios. This product can prevent and reduce the build-up of deposits on gas turbine blades. This product has a certain basicity, which makes it able to partially inhibit the formation of sulfur oxide and reduces air pollution, and furthermore, it can loose the original deposits on the gas turbine blades, and carry them out with the gas flow. The operation time of the gas turbine is therefore elongated.

Appearance Semitransparent amber oily liquid
Density (200) , kg/m3 990
Magnesium (Mg) content, %(W. T. ) 10-20%(adjustable according to customers needs)

Granularity (<10um) 99.9%
Motion viscosity (400) , mm2 /s 50-130
Potassium (K) +Sodium(Na) , ppm <150
Calcium (Ca) , ppm <300
Lead( Pb) , ppm <20
Vanadium(V) , ppm <5
Pouring point, , 0 -10

Supply Capacity
720MT per year
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