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Vanilla is the most popular spice and perhaps one of the very few contributions of the western hemisphere to the world of spices. It is the second most expensive spice traded in the international market after saffron. It is a tropical orchid cultivated for its pleasant flavour which has many applications in food industry ranging from dairy products to beverages, baked goods, confections, drug and pharmaceuticals and other related industries.

Colour : Dark Brown to Black shining Red/Brownish to dark Brawn.

Quality : Whole, Split

Aspect : Oily, Supple

Length : 13 cms upto 22 cms

Vanillin Content : 1.8% to 2.4%

Moisture Content : 16% to 28%

At protocol exports Vanilla planifolia is cultivated and then processed by Bourbon process as per international standards. The beans are of premium quality and have the familiar natural vanillin flavour that we associate with vanilla ice cream and other vanilla flavourd desserts.

The processed beans are very dark brown in colour, slender pleated and about 20cm  22cm long.