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Granite Countertop:
1) Materials & Colors: China granite or imported granite from India, Brazil
China green, white tiger skin, G687, G664, G663, G635, G562, G603, G682, G636, G640, G614, Absolute Black, Baltic Brown, Tan Brown, Tropical Brown,
Giallo Fiorito, Emerald Pearl , Blue Pearl, Kashmir Gold etc. . .

2) Edge finishes: Straight Edges , Bevel Single, Bevel Double, Round Single, Round Top, Ogg Round, Half Bullnose, Full Bullnose, Double Bullnose, 1/2 Bevel,1/4 Bevel Top, Ogee, Ogg Double, Ogee Bullnose, Dupont, Dupont Double as per customers' requirements

3) Size: 86"x 26 x3/8" / 74"x 26 x3/8" / 62"x 26 x3/8" / 68"x 22x1/2" / 96" x 26" x 3/4" /96 x 36" x 3/4" / 108" x 26" x 3/4" or as per customers' requirements
The countertop with one backsplash and two sidesplash, one undermounted or two undermounted sink.

4) quality standard:
Thickness tolerance: 11mm
Polishing degree: Above 90-95

5) Applications: Kitchen, Bathroom and various counter decorations

6) packing: Seaworthy Professional wooden crate packing
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