Sell various grades and shapes of NdFeB magnets

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NdFeB magnets are widely used in Magnetic separators, Linear actuators, Microphone assemblies, Servo motors, DC motors (automotive starters) , Computer rigid disc drives, printers and speakers, Beam Control, MRI / NMR, Intelligent toys and magnetic hook, etc.

Our main products are NdFeB sintered permanent magnets.

As the third generation of rare earth permanent magnets, NdFeB products possess high energies ranging from 8MGOe to 50+ MGOe, high Hc and Hci output and excellent remanence.

Sintered NdFeB magnet is mainly produced according to custom design, so there are no standard sizes. The magnets could be made into following shape: discs, cylinders, rods, cubes, tubes, plates, rings, arc segments and other special shapes such as Spheres, and cubes with holes, etc.

Because NdFeB magnets are prone to oxidation, coating or plating the magnets is recommended. Our NdFeB magnets are plated in Nickel, NiCuNi, Zinc, Silver and Gold Plating, Phosphide and Spray Epoxy Resin to enhance their corrosion resistance.

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