Sell various kind of valve

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A. Valves Series:

1. SF double seal valve;
2. FB obturator valve for tank inner;
3. GF-series automobile crane tube dry coupling;
Double Seal Valve is a new style soft and rigidity double seal valve,
and can regulate and open or close pipeline liquid in the field of
transportation liquid, such as strong causticity chemical,
petro-chemical, natural gas, metallurgy mine, coal gas, light spin,
shipping dock, foodstuff and clean water in protecting surroundings and
so on. The working temperature is decided according to seal material, from 60C to 250C.

1. To use double seal, namely soft and metal rigidity seal has double
2. Surface of seal contact rigor each other, no leak, at the same time
the valves have performance of resisting burn.
3. When open or close it, surface of seal separates each other, no
abrasion, long life, and the seal can be maintained in the work time.
4. Course of open or close is two segment, the time of pressure rising
will be prolonged, avoiding strike of oil or water.
5. Work state of the valves shows definitely, avoiding error
6. Cubage small, distance short up or down, easy to operate.
7. Electro-motion valves are easy to operate and automatic control,
safety and reliability.
8. Electro-motion valves accord with GB/T3836-2000 <Electrical
apparatus for explosive atmospheres and Flameproof electrical
apparatus "d">, and are the same with most easily ignitable and explosive