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Detect the blood stream status of arterial/venous by 8.0 MHz, detect the blood flow average velocity, and detect the result of finger/toes and part of body's vein anatomies operation;

Display the waveform and the detecting result of the blood stream average velocity and the spectrum line;

LCD can display the instant blood flow average, wave form intensity and the detecting result of the blood stream synchronously;

Built-in printer with high precision can print monitoring blood stream graphics synchronously;

RS-232 port can connect the unit with a computer and store the data.

Ultrasonic frequency: 8.0MHz110% (5.0MHz for option)

Speed measuring range: 0--100cm/s

Graphic display range:0--60cm/s

Speed measuring error: < 20% (comparative error)

The bloodstream average is obtained according to upper graphics of the three former pulse beating.

Gain:> 100dB

Equivalent noise :<200NV (input port)

Battery: 14.4V/1600mAhNi-MH rechargeable batteries

Power: 24V/1.5A

Frequency band: Main unit: 200180--500011000Hz

Probe: 350180-25001500Hz

Audio band width: 200Hz--7000Hz

Transmit graphics: sine wave

Output: loudspeaker single track earphone jack
Indication way: Display the waveform and the detecting result of the blood stream average velocity and the spectrum line, spectrum line and waveform indicate the direction and contrast direction of the blood stream speed, probes detect the optimal position

Power indicator: LBD (blue)

Green for working and orange for lack of paper.

Audio frequency output: Vascular Doppler Sound

No distorted power:> 10mW

Output signal: bloodstream speed, bloodstream intensity, blood stream sound

Output impedance: Blood stream speed 5K(Ohms) , acceleration 5K(Ohms) , audio Doppler blood stream1K(Ohms)

Charging indication: yellow for charging, green for full-charge

Power consuming: < 20W

Working temperature: 10-400

Humidity: <=80%

Atmospheric pressure: 86--106kPa

Packaging collocation:
Single Unit suitcase packaging dimension: 45cm x22cm x42cm Gross Weight:7.5kg

Normative collocation: 8.0MHz probe, power switch, power line, probe box, operation manual, approval certification, warranty card, thermal linear array printer paper 2 roll.
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2 weeks
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one year