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Our company named XuZhou RongGuan High-Tech Textile Co; Ltd. (former XuZhou General Knitting Factory) is the largest velour manufacturer in China. Our products with highest quality on the same line in domestic market mainly include fabrics and garments. Main of them are exported to many countries and regions such as EU, USA, Japan, South-east Asia and HongKong etc.
一 , Fabrics: solid velour, color-stripes velour, spandex velour, bourn-out velour, milange velour, industrial flammability velour, jacquard velour. Total ten series thousand varieties.
二 , Garments: all kind of velvet baby romper, suit; children 2p-sets, men or women nightgown, housesuit etc.
Our products have met the standards on green textiles and thus we are granted the OKOtex-100 Standard Authorization Certificate.
Implement ISO900 Standards and established Quality Management and Quality Guarantee System according to ISO9001: 2000 Standard
So I think we may completely guarantee the quality of products, if you can do business with us.
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