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Red Deer/Venison Smoked Ham
We are pleased to offer you Red Deer Smoked Ham. Red Deers are from farming, but grown up in the wild under veterinary control and with the supply of required feeding to build a strong and lean carcass. When one year old they are slaughtered with stu....
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Venison Meats from Spain
We can supply Spanish origin Venison Meats with full guarantee of quality. If you need a special packing, let us know and we will inform you if possible. Besides Venison, we can also supply Wild Boar and Wild Sheep (Muflon) . We have avai....
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Beef Livers Frozen
Beef Livers frozen, German recent production, packed in Polyblocks on Pallet. Veterinary Certificates and export documents for Russia and other non European Union countries supplied. Survey companies inspections welcomed, but paid by client.....
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Wild Boar Meat
We can provide Spanish origin Wild Boar Meats with all guarantee of quality. Baby Wild Boar whole is available and also different cuts and tenderloin. Other game meats, such as Wild Sheep and Venison are also available. If you need any sp....
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able to offer venison and other game meats from Australia. halal, EU and USDA registered. please contact us with your enquiry.
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on behalf of a manufactorer we can offer: ham and sausages of wild boar red deer deer mufflon Mirland sp. z o. o.
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Spanish Quality Wines
We can supply Spanish Quality Wines. An array of gourmet wines with D. O. that will enhance any meal or Spanish Table Wines at very affordable prices and superior quality. Whites, Rosis, Reds Sweet Wines, Sangria (Red wine with fruits) , Old W....
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Wild english game products include pheasant, partridge, duck (mallard) , wood pigeon, guinea fowl, rabbit and hare. It also includes two venison types of venison, the fallow and the sika deer. The season for most of these products is from Sept/Oct ....

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Vineyard Selection Cabernet Merlot Tasting Notes: Rich dense berry flavours from a drought year with concentrated firm yet robust tannins. Hints of chocolate and berry notes with well balanced French oak and a strong red current finish. Food Pair....
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