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Vermiculite, with layer construction and interlaminar water like mica. The colors of raw vermiculite mainly have 3 types: black, brown, and white. It has much more higher melting point-can be 1270-13700. Because of above particularity, re-resistant, heat-insulation, absorb-sound, non-toxin, huge liner expansion rate and tiny heat conduction rate etc. it begins expand when it is heated over 2000, become the worm-like shape and it can be reached the maximum volume (15-25 times bigger) when it is heated rapidly to 8000. This forms the material with low density (80-130kg/m3) , excellent insulation properties and good absorption and ion exchange capacity. With the composite of bond and the surface macromolecules, vermiculite can be made into the light multifunctional vermiculite board. The raw vermiculite can be made into vermiculite board directly only after being broken, to be used for decoration generally. While the vermiculite board which being made from exfoliated vermiculite have much more light weight, absound, and wide application such as the fire-resistant, heat-insulation.