Sell vertical axis wind turbine 10kw on grid

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Product features
*Light-like hummer the smallest bird in the word, it is just 50kg
Telecommunications Station
TV Transfer Station
Monitoring Station (military, hydrology, observatory)
Water-pumping Station

Technical Parameter
Rated power(W) 3000
Maximum output power(W) 3000
Charging voltage (V) DC 220V
Blade quantity 7
Blade material GRP(glass fiber reinforced plastic)
Blade diameter(m) 2.5
Start-up wind speed (m/s) 3
Rated wind speed (m/s)7
Rated rotating rate (r/min)60
Wind energy utilizing ratio (Cp) 0.48
Generator output single-phase frequency conversion AC
Output AC frequency (Hz) 0~300
Rated charging current (A) 15
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