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Corrugated Sidewall belt Conveyor DJ, DJC is one of the equipments used for continuously conveying bulk material. Such product has a lot of advantages such as easy for overall design, saving power, occupying less area, less construction cost which all contributes to reduce general design cost to a large extent.
Feature and range of application
1. Used for conveying bulk material at a steep angle, less space requirement, suitable for big angle which normal/pattern belt conveyor cant reach;
2. Mechanization belt conveying, lowing investment cost saving up to 20%-30%;
3. Without phenomenon such as chain stuck, chain swift and chain broken etc which frequently happened to scraper chain conveyor as well as slip, bucket lose which often happened to bucket lifter as well as general purpose belt conveyor;
4. Great conveying capacity, higher lifting height, vertical lifting height for one unit can reach 100m;
5. Steady transmission from horizon to incline(or vertical) ;
6. Lower energy consumption, simple construction, easy maintenance, steady operation, less noise;
7. High-strength belt, long service life.
Range of Application
1. This series of product are used for continuously conveying general purpose bulk material, but adopts conveying belt with corrugated sidewall and transverse cleat. Therefore , it is specialized in steep angle conveying;
2. It is widely used in the fields of coal, chemical, electricity, building, metallurgy, light industry, grain, harbor, ship etc with the working environment temperature from-350 to +400 , and conveying all kinds of bulk material with cumulate gravity of 0.5-4.8t/m3;
3. For material with special requirements such as high temperature, acid and alkali, cold-resistance, oil or material containing organic impregnant etc. , special conveying belt with sidewall should be used;
4. With conveying angle 00-900, the maximum of vertical conveying material should be 300m.