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Our item SD180, SD200, SD250 and SD250D are vertical punching binding machines. The brief introduction of them is as follows:

1. SD250, Disengageble plastic comb binding machine, VERTICAL punching
25 releasable pin, applicable to different kind of document format including LETTER SIZE and LEGAL SIZE , popular in some certain areas.
Full metal of machine, delux but durable, punching up to 22sheets at one stroke and binding up to 500sheets maximum

2. SD200, Multi functional machine, VERTICAL punching
applicable to plastic comb (21 holes) and double loop wire(3:1) , realizing the integration of comb plastic binder and twin loop wire binder
binding up to 500 sheets (51mm comb plastic) and to 250sheets(14.3mm double loop wire)
compact design, full handle, buying one machine , realizing two functions

3. SD180, the economical machine, VERTICAL punching,
keeping free from unsureness of proper paper setting and protecting machine from dust and look more simple and elegant after it is closed by cover,
Punching up to 15 sheets at one stroke and binding up to 380sheets(38 mm comb plastic)

4. SD250D, full line of disengageble comb plastic binding machine
punching up to 18 sheets at one stroke and binding up to 380 sheet(38mm comb plastic)

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