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Is a very useful device for protecting private property. It can be installed on the traveling bag, window, show window etc. If someone intends to move or destroy your personal effects, it will send out 120DB alarm lasts for around 1 minute, and then return to alert state.

When you enjoying the sunshine on the sandbank, the alarm will protect your waist pack and clothes.

If someone destroys your home window, it will fleetly detect that and send out alarm.

If someone moves your personal effects while your notice away, it will prompt you immediately.

Battery: 3 pcs 7#AAA
DB: 110DB above, strident
Indicator Light: Red LED
Voice Element: diameter: 27 PF: 3.9KHz4.4KHz
Triggering Element: alarm sensor without direction
Under alert state, it will entries dormancy state after 20sec, awaken by F key.

Under defense state, it will entries dormancy state after 20sec, awaken by triggering sensor.

Measurement: 5.6W10.2W2.5Cm
Brand Name
Condition of Goods
6.5CMx 11.6CMx 2.7CM
Minimum Order Quantity
1000 sets
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