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Feature: The V63 is a vibration meter designed for easy measurement of vibrations in rotational machinery or the like. Measurement is performed simply by holding the tip of the unit against the measurement object and operating one button . The unit can measure acceleration, velocity, and displacement. For acceleration , two measurement ranges (10Hz to 1kHz or 1kHz to 15kHz) can be selected . According to the measurement value, or international vibration standard ISO-2372, or standard of the machine, the engineer can decide the state of the device(pump, compressor, wheel, motor etc. ) . The unit operations on a single 9V battery (6F22) . There is no power switch, because the auto power off function shuts the unit off automatically. The V63 is widely used for mine , cement, metallurgy industry, petrochemical industry, power plant, mechanism, auto manufacture . It is high accuracy, low power consumption, reliable performance and low price. It is a monitor instrument for mechanism device management.