Sell vibratory polishing machine

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This machine is designed to smooth work-pieces surface and remove scale with shock power produced by high-speed rotation of vibrating motor, which causes friction and extrusion among grinding pellets, water and grinding lubricant through spring. It can round acute angle and polish well by using world advanced spiral/direct operation and three-dimensional vibration technique, it can be used for batch production to save labor and energy.

It is most suitable for finishing medium-size work-pieces without any damage to its shape and dimensions. It can eliminate work-piece� � s inner stress and improve surface finish 1-2 grades. This product has reasonable structure with many optional accessories, such as auto-separation, semi-auto separation, hand separation, water-proof shield, auto-supply lubricant, auto water supply, auto waste water treatment and recycling configurations. A whole production line of smoothing, polishing, cleaning, drying and rust-proof handling is available for you.


Large amount of work-piece can be grinded in one time.

Three-dimensional vibration is adopted to produce cyclic spiral movement.

It is quite helpful to automatic production.

Inner surface of container is covered with abrasion-resistant rubber or PU elastomer.