Sell vidarabine

Uniformity white crystalline powder. HPLC and UV not less than 98%. It was manufactured through enzyme reaction. Little impurity was found in products. Large amount can be provided as 100Kg/month. Minimum Order Quantity was at least 500g pertime. The price is RMB35000/Kg. The product can be delivery to you in one month.
It was used as antiviral agent or pharmaceutic intermediate. Mainly ara-A was used to prepare ara-AMP, an easily soluble medicine, more soluble than former, potent to anti-HBV.
Also we can provide 2'-deoxyadenosine,2-aminopurine riboside(2-amino-adenosine) ,2-aminopurine-2'-deoxyriboside(2-amino-deoxyadenosine) .