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[Product type]:anti-cancer api
[English name]:vinblastine sulfate
[Molecular formula]: C46H58N4O9H2SO4
[Molecular weight ]: 908.97
[ C A S ]:143-67-9
[Quality standard]:USP31
[ Character ]:White or crystal powder, odourlessness, turns yellow when meeting light.
[ Content ]:>=99.0%
[Function and use]:It is alkaloid which has inhibitory to the tumor for cycling medicine. It suppresses spindle formation of multiplication cell as raw material for malignant lymphoma, specially for cell sarcoma of lymph reticular, hodgkin's disease, chorioepithelioma, breast cancer, pate cancer, oropharynx cancer, nerve metrocyte cancer, uninuclear cell leukemia, lung cancer, carcinoma of cervix and the digestive tract tumor curative.
[Usage]: Active pharmaceutical ingredients
, be for preparations using only
[ Storage]: Shade, airtight and cold place.