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[Product type]: Active pharmaceutical ingredients
[English name]: Vinorelbine Tartrate
R-(R*, R*) -2-3-dihydroxybutanedioate (1:2) salt
[Molecular formula]: C45H54N4O82C4H6O6
[Molecular weight]: 1079.11
[ C A S ]:125317-39-7
[Quality standard]:USP31, EP6.0
[ Content]:>=99.0%
[ Character ]:White or crystal powder, odourlessness, turns yellow when meeting light.
[Function and use]:It is antineoplastic agent, half synthesis derivative of vincamedine for the equilibrium of microtubule protein or capillary's dynamical, suppressing polymerization of microtubule protein through G2 and the M which suitable to the non-cellule lung cancer, transferring breast cancer, difficult lymphoma, ovarian cancer and pate tumor patient.
[Usage]: Active pharmaceutical ingredients, be for preparations using only,
[ Packing]:50g/tin, 100g/tin
[ Storage ]:Shade, airtight and cold place.