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Spun Rayon Yarn Ne20/1, 20Ne/2, Ne30/1, Ne30/2, Ne40/1, Ne40/2 .
The technical data of 30/1 is :
Specification for 20S/1:
H. S. Code:55101100
Conditioned Weight: 2.611 G/100M
Actual Weight: 2.601G/100M
Weight Deviation: -0.38%
Moisture: 11.31%
Actual Thickness: 29.4 Tex
Weight CV value every 100 meter: 2.4%
Strength: 278.7 CN
Tenacity Variation: (CV%) 8.2
Tenacity at breakage (CN/Tex) 14.5
Twist (Twist no/M) 567
Twist Variation (%) 3.8%
Uster Value Variation (CV%) 11.67
-50% Thin Slub (no/1000M) 0
+50% Thick Slub (no/1000M) 14
+200% large cotton knots(no/1000M) 21