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The viscose fiber (viscose filament yarn) , a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber, is made of the cotton linters after many processes including the viscose preparation, spinning and regenerating. The product is excellent for dampness absorption, air ventilation, dyeing and draping effect. As an important raw material for fashion clothes, this product has been widely used in the industries of weaving, knitting and threads making.

100D/30F,120D/30F, 300D/50F, 450D/75F,600D/100F bright, dull etc.

YAFIT, a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber is made of the cotton linters, with new and high technologies and advanced facilities introduced from foreign countries. The product has been known for its excellent air ventilation, dampness absorption, dyeing and high elasticity. The degradable product with bright colors and comfortable hand-touch is an ideal material for the making of handicraft, indoor decoration, packaging, shoes and woven products.

600D/1F,1100D/1F,2000D/1F, 4000D/1F ;

The Baud silk has applied the new technologies such as the macromolecule modification, chemical fiber spinning and biological engineering. With rich content of about 18 amino acids, the product has gathered the features of both viscose fiber and pure silk, and it can also help in skin protection by promoting metabolism and delaying aging. Meanwhile, the product has advantages of better dyeing, draping effect and shrink-proof than the pure silk, in addition, it has the other satisfying features in terms of air ventilation, dampness absorption, and soft color. It is an ideal material for the making of the quality undergarments, baby clothes, quality T-shirts, and ladies' clothing.

100D/30F,120D/30F,300D/50F, 450D/75F,600D/100F.