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Visual presenter emerged in the market, which mostly gradually replacing the traditional film projectors/slide projectors. It not only could adopt film content but also practicality, even activities images project to screen. Its application scope also greatly exceeds the traditional slide's.
If the visual presenter match with projector, which will show us perfect image collection in this environment. Commonly used in various situation, education training, television meeting, and colloquium of the education teaching's etc. They could demonstrate document, slide, merchandise, zero parties, 3D object etc. Most customers belong to education profession. Now most schools are equipped with a considerable number of film projectors. As a substitute for film projectors, visual presenter is equipped with a considerable advantage in the functional and performance. It match with projector are perfect combination applied in teaching. Document, physical, laboratory activities, etc. on presenter can be adopted by large-screen projection, which let lookers have visual enjoyment. It match with projector are widely application on many occasions.