Sell vitamin D2 40,000,000iu/g

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vitamin D2 40,000,000 IU/G

Character: Colorless needle crystal or white crystalline powder, no smell, no flavor. Do not dissolve in water, easy to dissolve in ethanol, ether, chloroform and acetone
Function. As a kind of vitamin medicine, it takes part in the metaboly and the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, the acceleration of the calcification of bone matrix. Used for rachitis, osteomalacia and poor performance of parathyroid gland, specially for hypogenesis of children, calcium deficiency in duration of pregnancy, osteoporosis of old people. It can also work as nutrition additive in food industry and composite fodder additive in fodder industry.
Package: According to customers requirement.
Standard: CP2000, USP24, BP98, HP2000, USP26
Validity:2 years
Specification and Test Result:
Items specification Analysis Result
Characters A White crystalline powder A White crystalline powder
Melting range USP24 115.0-116.4 115.2-116.2
BP98 112.0-115.0 113.0-114.0
Specific optical rotation +103.0 to +107.0 +104.4
Light absorptin 460-490 470
Organic volatile impurities Benzene Max.100PPM None
Solubility Freely soluble in alcohol Freely soluble in alcohol
Ergosterol None None
Assay, %(By HPLC) 40 MIU/G 97.0-103.0% 99.8%(USP24) 99.7%(BP98)