Sell vitamin E

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As a leading exporter of vitamin in China, we can supply several kinds of vitamin E in a competitive price.

Vitamin E has pharm. Grade, food grade and feed grade.

Part of the specifications as follows:

1. Vitamin E Acetate powder 500 CWS
Food Grade
Standard: USP25
Specification and COA:
Item Standard Result
Appearance While or off-white free flowing powder Qualified
Identification Positive Qualified
Dispersibility in water Dispersible Qualified
Assay Min.500IU/G of vitamin E 515 IU/G
Loss on drying 3.0% max 2.6%
Conclusion: Comply with USP25

2. Vitamin E Acetate oil
Standard: BP2004, EP5
Specification and COA:
Item Standard Result
Assay by G. C. 96.5-101.0% 98.2%
Identification Correspnds qualified
Optical rotation -0.01--+0.01 Qualified
Refractive index 1.494-1.498 1.496

Acid value 2.0 max 0.3
Sulphated ash 0.1% max 0.03%
Heavy metal 10 ppm max Less 10ppm
Lead 10 ppm max 1 ppm
Arsenic 3 ppm max Less 1 ppm
Free tocopheryl 1.0% max 0.59%

3. And so on