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Product name: Vitamin A acid Tretinoin INCI Name: Vitamin A acid
CAS. NO. : 302-79-4
Chemical name:
3,7-dimethly-9-(2,6-trimethly-1-cylohexane) -2,4,6,8-pelartetaenoic acid
Construction formula:
Character: Yellow acicular crystals, trans tretionoirum mainly. Easily dissolved in chloroform, dichoromethane and dissolved in carbinol, ethanol and also dissolved in vegetable oil and lipid. Instability exposed in light and caloricr, easily absorbing moisture and metamorphosed in water.
Quality index: Conform CP2005/BP2002/USP26
Melting point: about 1820
Loss on drying: <=0.5%
Heavy metals: <=0.002% Content: >=98~102%
Function: Both tretionirum and Vitamin A can stimulate skin growth and keep epidermic normal. Howerver, to spread on part of skin has no actual effect. Taking orally vitamin A is benefit to treat skin disorders. Applying vitamin A acid to skin partly could produce intensive pharmacological action. External use can slow down skin aging process for solarization, remove tiny wrinkles, and reduce skin roughness, so skin will become ruddy.
Side-effect and Notice:
Don`t spread it in thin skin. Proper lower concentration (no more than 0.025%) can avoid such reaction as scalp off, Scorching fever and erythema, which is caused by drastic dilation of blood vessel. Please insist on using the product and you will get preferable curative effect when you find such normal reaction as erythema, scorch fever and hypodynia. Discontinue it and apply some oleiferous skin-care products to the skin site, if the reaction is severe. Cold cream concentration less than 0.025, show some effect upon treating acne and skin roughness kept cool and closed.
Package and Storage: 0.1kg/bag, aluminium bag. Closed, shady and cool, drying place and protected from light.
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yellow powder
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