Sell walk behind scarifier 12"

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WPG 350: 10 self propelled scarifier

1. Road surface preparation, Sidewalk trip hazard repair
2. Concrete scarifier, road marking, concrete coating, traffic line removal

3. Road milling, to make non-slip surface

4. Road planer, shock concave creating

Main parameters:
1. Widest working width: 350mm
2. Working depth: 8-10mm
3. Drum Assembly: Changeable
4. Depth control: Adjustable
5. Shafts for drums: 6
6. Working efficiency: 200M2/h
7. Length X Width X Height: 1135 X 1020 X 1410mm
8. Weight: 460kgs
9. Engine: gasoline 35-38 HP

Shocks + Marking = two in one, concave shock lines designed at the outside of the street edge and the emergency parking lines.

Prism-concave shock lines: Designed at the roads with frequent accidents, and places requiring better understanding of the road contour, such as: roadside line, turnings, diversion, the entrance and exit stripe, bridges, tunnels, steep slopes, city road junctions parking line, as well as the driveway boundary.

Groove: Designed at the bend roads, ramp, and deceleration lane of the toll stations, especially some ramps high on one side and low on the other.

Function advantages:
1. Compact, unit is easy to use.
2. Drum with 6 shafts, together with a variety of cutters for choice.
3. With the depth instructions scale dial, and use precise pitch adjustment, the milling depth can be accurately controlled;
4. With greater weight, high-powered engines and electromotor, it is more suitable for the large milling projects;
5. Cleaning adapter can be linked with the cleaning equipments;
6. Quick changing drums and cutters design. Five minutes is enough.
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