Sell walk through metal detector (SYSTEM800)

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Main features:
1. Adopting MFD(multi-frequency detection) technology, resolving magnetic metal and a certain nonmagnetic metal . High resolution and detection speed, the detection speed is faster than 13.7m/s.
2. Eight Independent detection zones, every detection zone has 100 sensitivity levels, with the range of 0-99, it can be automatically adjusted.
3. Eighteen groups of magnetic field , overlapping and crossing transmission; DSP (digital signal processing) technology, high sensitivity and accurate alarm, no detection fade field.
4. Automatically surveying environmental noise and searching the suitable working frequency. Both the hardware and software are anti-jamming , two or more metal detectors can work stably side by side.
5. Electrical operating and controlling box. Storing five kinds of international security inspection standard. The system software can be updated unlimitedly, auto-diagnosis function can continuously monitor the operation. VFD could show the errors, Chinese/English operation menu.
6. Alarm light at a relevant human height. Op-electronic alarm switch has counting function, accuracy reaches 99%.
7. System possesses the protection program, authorized twin-stage password is required when the program is changed. Only the senior manager has authority to change the system parameter .
8. Adopting PVC composite material which is waterproof, fireproof and anti-shock.
9. Modular structure. It is easy to install in a short time.

Technology index:
Working power:AC220V/50-60Hz
Power consumption: less than 35W
Working environment(temperature) : -10 0 to +55 0 .
Working environment(humidity) : 095% without condensation.
Transportation gross weight: 60KG
Sensitivity adjustment: double adjustive mode, five kinds of international security check level and 8 working zones.
Maximum sensitivity: as tiny as a clip
Door size: 2200(H) *710(W) *330(L) mm

Related standards:
1. SEENST adopted low energy technology which does no harm to the heart pacemaker, the pregnant woman, magnetic media and magnetic recording materials.
2. Conforming to the electromagnetism compatibility standard, EMC electromagnetism emission standard and the related standard that applies to CE.
3. Conforming to FAA testing standard and all the security standard of NILECJ-0601-00.
4. Executing strictly current national standard of walk-through metal detector GB15210-2005.
Brand Name
walk through metal detector
Supply Capacity
80 units per month
Condition of Goods
2200*710*330 mm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
2 units
Power Requirements
220 volts,50/60hz
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
60 kg