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Applicable range
Switch and socket, as electric accessories, are widely used in the electric line of building and various concourses. The switch is used to connect and break the current of one or more lines and the socket is used in the change connection and breaking of electrical source or other signal sources( use with plugs ) .

Main Technical Data
The main breed of switch is single pole (single control) switch, double current (double control) switch, single pole fluorescent switch and double current fluorescent switch with the rated voltage is 250V and the rated current is
On the socket, two pole flat round double usage socket, two pole socket with protection-door with the rated voltage is 250V and the rated current is 10A. Three grade socket, 10A or 16A(the three poles socket with protect door is no 16A)
Outlook and stall size
The 86 type switch's size of is 86mm x 86mm which can deploy one-two unit or three units function key. Another is double connection, 20mm x 120mm, which can deploy four-five unit or six units function key.
When you install it, at first, you should wedge the function key in the fitting board and then fixed the fitting board on the box by bolt after connected the line and, thirdly, faced the panel to the fitting board to push the panel to the rabbet and all are over.