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The 12+ Hour Warm Pack pocket warmer (10 Pack) is a multi-purpose, portable heating pad you can place in mufflers, pockets and elsewhere, providing soothing comfort for minor aches and pains, as well as warmth during outdoor winter activities.

 Clean, odorless, dry and non-toxic heat source
 More than 12 hours of reliable heat
 No kneading or shaking necessary
 Creates average temperature of 530, and maximum temperature of 166-degrees F(680)
 Size: 13 X 10 CM
 Each Pack: 40g
The country's main business good new material for the core material and application of gel-type gel core products (medical patches, gels, daily chemical products, etc. ) of the research, production, sales and service.
The core material is a gel-gel production of core products, the main raw material. According to the company's strategic positioning, we will be early to apply the hydrogel core product-based production and marketing enterprises, and gradually developed into a core material with gel-based industry leaders, to promote application-oriented enterprises and the gel core products the development of related industries to form a rational division of labor, complementary advantages of the gel industrial chain.