Sell waste PCB recycling equipment

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This is a newest automatic energy-saving printed circuit boards (PCB) recycling production line.
The features of this production line is as following:
1. The environmental protection indexes of this production line all can reach the standard.
2. This machine's comprehensive performance is very good and it has a unique effect on recycling computer boards, TV circuit boards and other circuit control panels. It also has compatibility to kinds of circuit boards containing capacitances.
3. This production line is the upgrading of A type production line. Based on A type machine, this type equipment has lower electricity consumption, no noise, less manpower, higher automated process, higher efficiency while smaller occupied area. Compared with the existing waste circuit board recycling production line, it is the most ideal product.
4. The whole set of this equipment adopts newest dust catcher, a triple dust catcher (whirlwind dedusting+electrostatic dedusting+purification dedusting) and no pollution to the air, no waste gas emission.
5. This equipment has a neat appearance, without dust removal bag while it solves the difficult problem that traditional dust catcher has dust and peculiar smell.