Sell waste paper recycling equipment

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The waste paper recycling equipment adopts an advanced physical recycling technology to reduce paper-making burden, which is of obviously efficient in the recycling and utilization of waste papers, fibers, leathers and clothes leftovers as well as efficient in breaking and crushing wheat and rice straw, peanut shell, straw rope and grass mat.

Characteristics of Waste Paper Recycling Equipment
1. The equipment uses dry type breaking and crushing. It integrates dedicated crusher and breaker to improve energy utilization efficiency and realize high recovery.

2. It is of fine allover properties in processing all kinds of waste papers and fibers as well as wheat and rice straws, peanuts, straw rope and pat.

3. It is characterized by low energy consumption, little noise, high automation, fewer labor, high efficiency and small floor space, which is the ideal production line for waste paper recycling.

4. It also can be flexibly arranged according to customers demand.

pollution problems. All their indexes have met the national standard.
5. It also uses our self-owned triple dust collecting unit (triple dust collector) , including three stages, cyclone, cloth-bag and air cleaner dust collectors, which can effectively solve the dust