Sell watch camera/DVR

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Sell - watch camera/DVR
Spy Watch Camera /DVR with Audio-Built 2GB/4GB Memory, Built-in USB, Allows it to Connect with a Computer

Model No: SWC-01

- Wrist watch actually works
- Stylish and cool steel construction
- Pin hole is so small no one will ever detect it (a tiny hole inside the digit "2", a small status LED indicator inside the digit "6")
- Built-in 2GB/4GB flash memory storage(optional)
- USB 2.0 data interface
- 300,000 (300K) pixels pin hole digital video camcorder camera
- Recording resolution: 352*288 px
- Built-in microphone records sound along with video
- Records in AVI video format with sound
- Rechargeable lithium battery included (inside the watch)
- Wristwatch powered by a separate type 337 button battery so the watch will continue to work even when the lithium battery is depleted by video recording
- Records up to 2 hours of audio and video per charge
- Recharged directly by USB ports (or by the included USB AC adapter)
- 100V~250V AC USB charger included
- USB data cable included
- Note: there is no status LED when charging but the charging process does automatically stop when battery is full (full recharge takes about 4 hours) .