Sell watch mp3, a good gift

watch mp3, a good gift
* Outside:Use full steel art manfacture, newly and fashion .
* MP3 Play :the highest sound quality MP5 watch player .
* CD Line Direct Record :First having Line-in direct record MP5 watch transfer all kinds
of music toMP5 , the effect of recording is wonderful.
* MIC Record: Available in meeting , study , business etc. high quailty and long-time record
* USB Disk:USB movable memory , wearthe information anytime and anywhere.
* Repeat :Meet need of learning foreign language for 2010 Beijing Olympic Games,
* Take precautions against earthquakes, waterproof, defend the static
* Time :Import original Japan core , original long-term effect battery support for 5 years charging
* Sound effects:Five sound effects model , press remind function .
* Delete :Current file delete function , delete the inneed files and songs you like.
* Save Electricity Function:Charging 1.5-2 hours , continue to play over 11 hours .