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Tester performances
The WATCH TESTER Q-A1 Quartz watches & Clock Tester is mainly used for the performance measurement of analogue quartz watches and clocks, digital quartz watches and clocks and digital perpetual calendars. It can measure many parameters such as the instantaneous daily rate, the instantaneous monthly rate, the average current consumption, the ppm value of the crytal oscillator and the voltage of the battery. The output voltage adopts the digital adjustment, which can provide 0.5V to 4.5V dc voltage.

Technical index of the tester
a. Precision:10.01 s/d (daily) , 11 s/m (monthly)
b. Measurement range:-9.99 s/d to +9.99 s/d
-999 s/m to +999 s/m
c. Measurement perid:2s,10s,20s,60s
d. Ajustable DC power supply:0.5V to 4.5V output voltage, 10.05V
Step value, output current <=50 mA
e. Current consumption measurement range:05A to +9.995A(105A) grade) ,05A to +9995A(1 mA grade)
f. Power supply:mono-phase AC,220V110%,8W
g. Outlook size and weight:270mmW205mmW80mm,1.2kg
h. Use environment:temperature 00 to 400,
Relative humidity<=80%RH