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Water Base Laminating Varnish (WBLV) is designed to adhere the film to the PVC or PETG sheet on which offset inks are printed in card manufacture.
A special model for adhere PET overlay to PVC or PETG sheet is offered.

It provides high bonding strength between PVC film and PVC or PETG sheet printed by conventional or UV inks. As water base adhesive, no solvent or gas discharged.

Main technical parameters
Color: ivory-white
Stencil materials: water proof stencil materials
Screen: 90-250 meshes
Coverage: about 40-54m2/kg
Drying: hot air drying recommended
Clean: wash initially with water
Overlay film: film thickness should not exceed 200 microns
Lamination temperature: 110-1500
Security: no explosion
Storage: 50-350, sealed
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