Sell water cooled Q-switch I-QS027-4S4G-U5-ST1

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Key Features:

Industry standard for Nd:YAG lasers

Superior corrosion resistance

Stainless steel cooling channels

High damage threshold

Push fit water-connectors

Up to 100W RF power handling

Custom configurations available

Material processing:

Laser marking

Laser engraving

Laser cutting

Laser drilling

Medical (surgery)


Technical Specifications:

Interaction material:
Fused silicon


AR coating reflectivity:
< 0.2% per surface

Damage threshold:
> 1GWcm-2

Transmission (single pass) :
> 99.6%

Static insertion loss:
<= 6% at 50W laser power

< 1.2:1 (<1.4:1 at 50W RF power)

RF power rating:
100W cw (max)

Water flow rate:
> 190cc / minute

Water-cooling channel material:
Stainless steel 316

Recommended water temperature:
+22oC to +32oC

Thermal switch cut-off:
+55oC +/- 5oC