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Activated Carbon Structural Cartridge is an up-to-date fruit in the field of nonmetallic minerals research. It is made from natural raw mineral materials that have special physical and chemical properties.

Commercial use
Water treatment, disinfection in fields of medical treatment, food processing, catering service and pharmacy, etc.

1. SC-C-01: remove ammonia nitrogen----- removing rate 95%.
2. SC-C-02: remove lead and mercury -----99%.
3. SC-C-03: remove arsenic-----95%.
4. SC-C-04: remove fluorine -----90%.
5. SC-C-05: remove nitrite-------90%.
6. SC-C-06: remove strange color, peculiar smell and chloric
7. SC-C-07: remove turbid substance, gelatinous substance and iron rust----95%.
8. SC-C-08: hardness of drinking water. reducing ---- 40-90%.
9. SC-C-09: remove phenol -----95%.
10. SC-C-10: remove iron and manganese ----60-90%.
11. SC-C-11: remove three organic pathogenic substances---96%.
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