Sell water ionizer(EHM-619)

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With touch keys, LED and LCD display, stylish and human engineering is used for appearance design.
Coarse filter: PP sediment filter + active carbon + silver coated active carbon.
Secondary filter: non-woven fabrics + silver coated active carbon + hollow fiber ultrafilter
With weak current closed-loop type follow-up and protection system, the electric current is adjusted by water flow.
Continuous large-capacity strong electrolysis platinum coated titanium alloy electrolytic bath
By applying the ion membrane imported from Japan, extra high ion purity is available.
5 step selections water PH fine adjustment
Automatic electrode reversing and electrolytic bath cleaning.

With 8-bit micro - crystal control chip imported from NEC in Japan.
Usage life: 10years
Water PH value adjustable from 4.5 to 9.5
National patent V2.0 water quality control system is used.
With upgradable program design.
Automatic message display for replacing the filter element. .
Major components can resist against erosion-corrosion with super anti-corrosive Ti-Pt alloy electrophoresis.
0.01 micron hollow fiber ultra filtration membrane is used for the water purification.

With perfect pre-treatment and purification system.
With unique 5-grade filtering system.
Automatic overvoltage and overcurrent protection