Sell water ionizer(EHM-719)

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1. Especially designed according to mainland's water quality, pass national healthy water quality examination standard.
2. Originally use multifunctional LCD screen, 7-color luminescence, clearly indicate working condition of water machine
3. Strong electrolysis ability, volume of outwater limit warning, assure electrolysis standard; Temperature protect notice, defends unproper afflux of hot water or unproper continuous use.
4. High performance water purifying filter cartridge (silver-carrying activated carbon filter cartridge)
5. Replacement of filter cartridge automatically notice, drinking water is more safe and clean
6. Automatically cleansing electrobath function
7. LCD informs: Water temperature, water flow volume, and electrolyzing, cleaning, lifetime of filter cartridge, PH value, O. R. P indicator etc.
8. PH value inching 20 sections adjustment, PH value emendation according to different water quality.
9. Liquid crystal seven colors color-changing display indicates: Music warning and automatic reply design for preventing wrong drinking

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