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1. Model MS328 has 4 colors liquid crystal digital display, its 4 colors display is proportional to the color of the testing water. For example , when alkalescency segment 4 is in the water of strong- velocity electroanalysis , the PH liquid is testing to be purple, so when using alkalescency segment 4, the color of the liquid crystal display is purple. When using acidity segment 1-3, the color of the liquid crystal display is blue. when using the pure water, the color is green, using the acidity segment 1-2, the color is red or yellow. This design is of humanization, to protect that if some old people or kids press the wrong button, they can avoid using the wrong water from the color.
2. The mainboard is as the same as the basic model, but the design of the CPU program is different, the capacity is larger.
3. The adjusting range of the electroanalysis intensity is wider, the alkalescency 4 segments can be set into strong, middle, weak velocity.
4. User can adjust the using time of the filter element to 3000-12000L by hand according to users TDS. If the water quality is good, you can set more liter of the waterflow which affect the using time of filter, if the water quality is not good , you can set less liter of the waterflow.
5. User can adjust the machine inner part washing to 30-90L by hand according to users TDS
6. If the filter element and abluent waterflow reach the set number, it will remind you of changing the filter element and cleaning the electrolysis slot.
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