Sell water purifier- an all in one ozone system with high output for vegetable disinfectant

water purifier- an all in one ozone system with high output for vegetable disinfectant You May Also Be Interested In: disinfectant ozone system ozone water treatment vegetable disinfectant water purifier
Item: Ozone Water Purifier
Model No. : SY-W200
Input: AC120V/220V, 50/60Hz
Power: 25W
Sizes: 240x120x300mm
Gift Box: 270x140x350mm
Ozone Output: 0.45mg/L
Ozone Output: 1200mg/h
Timer Control: 0-90 minutes
Net Gross: 1.70kg
Gross Weight: 2.00kg
Colors: White, green, blue or designated
Packing: Color box
Accessories: Plug cord, water faucet
Advantage: Ozonated water produced automatically
Application: disinfection and sterilization for fruit, vegetable, grain. . .
Use Style; Fish bowl, disinfectant, water system, disinfectant, aquarium etc.
Approval: CE

(1) , Ozone and Aquaculture: improve water quality, faster growth rates, destroys organics

(2) Ozone Water Treatment: instantly destroys bacteria, improves flocculation of iron, no harmful by-products

(3) Ozone and Food Processing: the most powerful oxidizer available, no chemical storage required, 3000 times more germicidal than chlorine, instant pathogen destruction, no residual

(4) Ozone and Grain Treatment: destroys aflatoxins, acts as a fumigant and insecticide, stops mold growth, generated on-site - no stored chemicals, does not damage the product

(5) Ozone and Food Preservation: instantly destroys microbes, eliminates chemical storage, stops mold spores, does not affect product taste, no harmful by-products, can be used in air and water

(6) Ozone Drinking Water for Agriculture: 3,125 times more germicidal than chlorine, better tasting water - increased consumption, destroys all types of microorganisms instantly, destroys organic waste by oxidation, low maintenance costs, environmentally friendly oxidant, no residual, created on-site - no chemical storage