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PAFCS is a new product of high-efficient water purifying agent invented in recent years, which polymerizes a proper amount of PFC and introduce an appropriate amount of synergistic agent SO42-, based on the high-efficient water purifying agent PAC. This product is composed of inorganic polymer PFCS and PACS. The chemical general formula is [AL2(OH) nCL6-N-2K(SO4) K]m7X[Fe2(OH) nCL6-N-2K(SO4) K]m, (PAFCS for short) . This products converged the merits of the Al and Feall in one , the merits including the high effective content, high saltness, large polymerization, high condensity of molecular chain network and large constructure. This product has far stronger adsorptive and cohesive power and better purifying effect in purification. It is a high-efficient, fast, low-conswne, innoxious and safe inorganic high-efficient water purifying agent. It makes full use of the compensation of ferric ion and succeeds in getting rid of the harm which ion Al3+ remaining in water does to human.

Liquid Solid
(200) Relative density g/cm3 >= 1.19 
(Al2O3) Content, % >= 10.0 30.0
(Fe2O3) Content, % 1.0-2.5 3.0-8.0
The salt base degree, % 55.0-85.0
PH(1%water solution) 3.5-5.0
(SO42-) Content, % <= 3.5 9.8
(N) Content, % <= 0.03 0.09
(As) Content, % <= 0.0005
(Mn) Content, % <= 0.015 0.045
(Cr6+) Content, % <= 0.0005 0.0015
(Hg) Content, % <= 0.00002
(Pb) Content, % <= 0.001 0.003
(Cd) Content, % <= 0.0002 0.0006

Purify the life drinking water, and the water quality can achieve the drinking water standard of the national regulation.
It can be widely used in the treatment of industrial sewage and urban sewage, the water quality can achieve the first class discharge standard after dealing with :
 A wide application in sewage disposal of many industries, such as paper-making and printing & dyeing. Only a small amount of the product works well. The remarkable waste water decolouring efficiency. And the treated water can be recycled and reused.
 Purify waste water containing Pb, Cr, Cd, sulfide or household sewage. The quality of water can achieve the discharge standard after dealing with.
 Purify overflow floatable tailings red water, and the treated water can be reused in industry production.
 A wide application in purifying fluorine-contained untreated water, oily waste water, oil-field return water, and in oil-water separation. All of these applications have satisfying results.