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Hestia Anion SPA Shower head, bring SPA Water Therapy to your home.

Please try to test our product, and you will discover she is really out of ordinary.

1. Water-saving Function.
There are 134 tiny conical holes with the diameter of 0.35mm. and the water-saving function can be achieved through the theory of diameter-changing and flow-cutting and the special structure of the showerhead. Comparing with the ordinary showerhead 30 to 35 percent of water can be saved.

2. Water Therapy of anion.
The Tourmaline ceramic granules can produce the anion, which can fully activate and soften the water, so as to ensure the function as antibacterial and deodorant.
It is proved by research that the cations in the air are mainly mineral ions. nitrogen ion and so on. while the anions are mainly constituted by chloride ions and hydrate hydroxyl ions.
when the anion isabsorbed into the body, the nerve center can be excited. the ventilation of the lung can be improved and the metabolism can be promoted. Meanwhile, the anion also has certain therapeutic effect on many diseases, such as hypertension. asthma. influenza. insomnia and arthritis. therefore, it is named as the vitamin in the air. The experts consider that the anion in the air is related to the longevity. So it is also called as the element of longevity.

3. Health care Effect of Vitamin-C.
The Vitamin-C powder in the plug-in container can be effectively dissolved through one-way structure and produce the health care effect on the body skin.
During the process of shower. the dissolved Vitamin-C can remove the chloride from the tap water. The water quality can be changed to weakly acid as similar acidity with body skin, so as to provide the water with the
characteristics of antibiotic and antibacterial. meanwhile. Vitamin-C can shrink the pore. replenish the moisture of body. so as to moisten. preserve and whiten the skin.
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