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1. Removal of dirt of skin. This product makes your rough skin damaged by makeup, heavy metal and environment pollution into clear, soft, and moist skin.
2. Removes chlorine smell from tap water.
3. Eliminates bad smell.
4. Excellent effect of moisturizing to the skin. This product has good absorption to the skin, and is pleasant to the touch, it leaves the skin moisture and young for a long time.
5. It prevents skin diseases such as pimple, eczema, psoriasis, itching. Also, it decreases skin irritation because it makes your hair soft after having a ty. shampoo and minimizes the static electricity with high conductibili With such an affinity for hair, it functions as a good hair protection.
7. High effective when used in cleansing your skin tired of makeup.
8. Excellent in washing various kinds of old dirt such as tableware, plates and cups.
9. Enjoy the effect of hot spring in your home. when washing with one third use of detergent instead
of existing amount, it can be washed old dirt clearly, and keeps fiber texture smooth
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