Sell water soluble laundry bags for infection control in hospitals

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Proudly, a member of Green Packing Branch of Environments Science Association of China, is a specialized manufacturer of Water Soluble PVA bags and films, which is contamination-preventive, fully biodegradable, enviromentally friendly and widely-used in packaging or embroidery. Please visit our website for details or contact me at your convenience. Your early reply will be highly appreciated!

PS: The advantages follows:
A. The contents of the bags need not be handled until the wash and dry cycle is complete.
B. The bags dissolve completely in the wash, leaving no potentially infected plastic waste.
C. PVA bags ensure the safe transport of instruments from user to disinfection and sterilization department.
D. Once instruments are sealed in the bags, the risk of contamination and cross infection is minimized.
E. The bags will dissolve completely during the washing and disinfection process.
F. They are anti-static, non-toxic, odor retentive, gas and solvent resistant and fully biodegradable.
G. Laboratory tests have confirmed that the bags are impermeable to bacteria and viruses.
Currently we have three standard sizes
660mm x 840mm 710mm x 990mm 914mm x 990mm
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