Sell water souluble film/nonwoven

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the kind of double- layer, (use for iron badge) thickness :0.08mm,0.10mm,0.12mm,0.15mm,0.18mm width 18. 5"(47cm)
B: Water soluble nonwoven/film
1) cold water-soluble film: 40" width
2) hot water soluble nonwoven: Width 63", 25gsm, 40gsm
Spray adhesive, DL super 99, 500ml/can, permanent strong adhesive, use for embroidery applique.

4) pp nonwoven fabric with the specifications range from 20-260g/m2 and the width within 3.2 meters.

5) Fusible interlining: 1025SF, 1035SF,1025HF,1035HF,1050HF

In addition, we also supply other embroidery accessroy:
Water soluble film/nonwoven,
Embroidery double-side adhesive tape,
Hot melt adhesive film,
Wax paper,
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Nancy Yang