Sell water source heat pump chillers

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Stars Water source heat pump chillers is the result of cooperation of HStars group and
Zhenzhou Industrial university---National Class A institute. The units transfer underground
Low-level energy to high-level usable energy, by that, it can meet the requirement for heat in Winter and cooling in summer. It can save 50% power compared with normal AC system. It is Suitable to be used in Commercial building, residential building , school , hospital 


1. Cooling capacity scope : 2RT-----878RT

2. Taking advantage the constant temperature of underground water to exchange energy, the water- to- water heat pump is heating and air conditioning system is environment friendly, energy saving , no pollution

3. The unit can be used to supply heat , refrigerate and supply hot water for daily use. One unit can be used to substitute for both boiling units and air conditioning unit. High efficient, healthy, no pollution.

4. High efficient. The COP of the unit is as high as 5.0-5.6, only 1kw is needed for heating and air cooling of building as large as 60-100m2.

5. Compare with that of the air , the unit works with more reliability , stability , and with higher efficiency. The unit can work without special operation and maintenance

6. Small volume and smaller area occupation.

7. The air conditioning system is precisely controlled by micro-computer. The water temperature, room temperature, and off time are all controlled and monitored in long-distance