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RO System

RO system is composed of high pressure pump, two stage RO system and chemical cleaning device.

two stage RO system can remove salt over 99 percent and 100percent organisms. During running, RO membrane may form some deposit and chemical cleaning device is equipped for periodical cleaning to ensure stable running of RO system. This system configures with Hydranautics ESPA1 membrane compounds USA and Grundfos high pressure pump Denmark.

High pressure pump is the power source of RO system. To RO system on sound running condition, high pressure pump equips inlet and outlet pressure switch. When inlet pressure is less than set value water lack nomore than 0.05Mpa or outlet pressure is higher than set value, pressure switch send signal to PLC programming system and high pressure pump and RO system will stop in avoidance of destroying to RO membrane because of water pressure.

RO system pressure control and automatic cleaning are controlled by PLC. RO system can wash surface of RO membrane by low pressure timely and periodically.

This water treatment capacity is 10 m3/h. Salt-removing rate is over 99.0 percent and water recycling rate is 75 percent.
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