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Warm in winter and cool in summer/softness and stiffness adjustable
By using the principle of heat exchange, Landi water mattress can adjust the temperature of the water in a range from 26 degrees to 37 degrees with the temperaturecontrolled heater, which may give you a warm feeling just like sleeping on a hot water bag in winter and a pleasant temperature around 26℃ in summer. Taking advantage of water instead of spring, Landi water mattress can adjust the softness and the stiffness of the bed by altering the amount of water and air that will be put into the bed.
Supporting weight equably/Comfortable and Natural
According to the scientific principle, Landi water mattress takes full advantage of the natural characteristic of water's being all-pervasive. The logical design completely accords with human being's curve, which allow one's cervical vertebra, and ankle not to hang in the air any more. The support from the buoyancy of water can help the every part of one's body to receive the weight equably and comfortably. There will not be any sway or any wave crest and trough phenomenon . No matter you are tall or short, fat or slim, it is sure that you will feel good to sleep on water mattress.
Spouses life/Romantic
The environment of the bedroom and the status of the bedding will have a direct effect on the quality of sexual life. Lying on a dynamic water mattress , lovers will feel like floating both on water surface and in clouds . The unmatched romantic feeling will greatly increase the charm of sexual life. Landi water mattress is the favourite of newly weds and middle aged couples as well.
Promoting circulation/Releasing weariness
By taking advantage of the power of buoyancy, Landi water mattress can not only support a person's weight equably, but also ease the pressure given by that weight to a person's skin , muscle, blood vessel and bones. Then, it will ensure a fluent blood circulation, cells with abundant oxygen, an accelerated metabolism, and an enhanced immune function , as well as relieve one's weariness.
Saving electricity/Economical and safe
The power of Landi water mattress's temperature controlled heater is only equal to that of a 200 W bulb. With a principle similar to that of a refrigerator, the heater works according to the rise and drop of the water temperature. It even doesn't need electricity to reduce the temperature by taking advantage of the water's natural temperature in summer. The electronic-heating equipment is not placed directly inside the water mattress but under it, the way in which can be called indirect-heating. The mattress , the heater and its protecting mantle are all made of insulating material, and the automatic protecting equipment of the temperature-controlled heater can cut off the power when necessary , which may provide us with safety.
Wear well/Reliable in quality
Landi water mattress is made of the special macromolecular composite materials and with the technology developed by China and France cooperatively, Landi water mattress possesses the characteristics of resisting stretching, aging and high pressure, enduring cold, heat and strike, and being easily repairable . The water mattress itself can support the weight around 1000 kg, and in case the bed is punctured accidentally, it can be repaired within 20 minutes with the special glue that is equipped together with the bed.

Scientific design /fine craftwork
According to the principle of hydrodynamics, Landi water mattress possesses the patent technique of diploid steady structure that is on the leading level in the world. The particular stabilization planted inside the water mattress can provide us with not only a stable feeling but also the incomparable comfort and style. Also, the water inside the bed is completely isolated from the oxygen outside, which can prevent the animalcule from propagating and avoid the water getting degenerative. Every water mattress is equipped with some algicide, and once it is put into the bed, the antisepsis time can be as long as three to five years or even more. Landi water mattress can provide single or double beds of all standards, and is able to produce beds of all special sizes according to customer's need.
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