Sell waterproof materials for constrution house wrap and underlayment

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We have 3 sets of advanced glue coating product line and film-laminated product line, which are used for coating.
Our products are include monolayer nonwoven fabric coating with double-layer compounded, double-layer nonwoven fabric coating with three-layer compounded interspace, fibreglass, sponge coating, aluminum foil coating, pvc&pu coating, waterproof and breathable PE or PET film coating, and even special products, etc. The products weight is from 30g to 400g per square metre. The characteristic of the products: good tearing strength, waterproof, good breathability , soft handle, heat insulation and the colors are subject to customers. Each year, we manufacture more than 3500T products, and our products are widely used in industry, agriculture , construction(housewrap and underlayment) , medical sanitation(disposable medical bedsheet, surgery clothes) , commodity , tour , etc.