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Mortar waterproofing agent
Execute standard
JC474<mortar, concrete waterproofing agent>
Solid container % b?%92
fineness0.315mmsieve% b?$10

1 6%-8% of the all cement, the ratio of reducing water is 10%-15%, improve the workbility of mortar.

2 Excellent performance on the anti-permeability and waterproofing.

Application range
Waterproof mortar for building the underground, waterproof walls, bathroom, kitchen, cleaning ditches and other plastering surface water mortar.

1 Clean the substrate of concrete and masonry, then watering the surface and make sure plaster without water on .

2 The layer of waterproofing, divide two layers to deal (10mm per layer) . under layer plaster 1mm mortar only mixed with water, then plaster waterproofing mortar, press hard at the early time of condensing, and blunt it , then after the
second layer press it and keep smooth.

3 Special parts: edges and corners must be plastered into circular angle, if there is joint (leave a slope 15-20cm) , firstly, plaster the mortar only mix with water as the bottom , then plaster the waterproofing mortar layer

Package and storeage
50Kg/bag shelf life is one year
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
10000 tons per month
Minimum Order Quantity
10 Tons